Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Specialized Turbo E-Bike: Price and Release Date For Fastest Bicycle

The world’s largest bike manufacturer, Specialized, claims that it has created the world’s fastest electric bike. With the electric bike market already filled with exaggerated bike range and speed of other makers such as its rival Bike Trail, the company on the other hand is confident after the Turbo e-bike’s three years of development in its design and the engineering decision that goes with it. Probing further, one would definitely notice the Turbo e-bike’s ultra lightweight feature, thin and yet efficient tires, and a brilliant over-all finish.

Basically, it is what you may call as a pedal assist bike. This means that depending on how hard you pedal, there are cadence sensors that send signals to the bike’s controller which then adjusts the power to the motor. You can choose 3 levels of power assistance namely low, medium or high on the handle grip which is equipped with a wireless high tech gizmo. Such throttle-less interface gives you a bionic feeling every time you pedal that you may even have an illusion of being a super human while riding the bike.

Holding a track record of winning the world cup after creating Specialized’s 29er bike, Jan Talavasek, the e-bike’s lead engineer, believes that the e-bike definitely has a strong pedal bicycle roots. After all, every part of the e-bike is designed from scratch with its prototype built two years ago. It is a collaboration of Swiss engineers of the company’s Swiss division.

Custom features of the Specialized Turbo e-bike include:
  • 250W rear motor
  • top speed of 45 km/h
  • custom made frame
  • wireless throttle
  • custom dashboard / speedometer /battery meter
  • built in LED lights in front and back wired to e-bike battery
  • lightweight (47.5 pounds)
  • regenerative braking
  • 342Wh Li-ion customized battery unit (charges in 2 hours)

Bike-riding enthusiasts from Europe will have the chance to ride the Turbo e-bike at 50 selected retailers of Specialized in April. But the bike is scheduled to be sold in the stores not later than May. The cost is a staggering 5,500 Euros which is equivalent to $7,300. At present, there’s no information yet if the bike will be sold in the US as it has to deal first with the country’s speed limit issues.


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